About Me

I’m currently working as a Senior Product Manager at Marley Spoon to bring delightful, market-fresh and easy cooking back to the people, in the Berlin office. The company is thriving in these COVID times.

Before that, I worked as Lead Product Manager at Yerbo, a startup behind the burnoutindex.org, looking to humanize relationships at work to raise people’s happiness.

I love working on side projects like Readsmart and The Product Index. I also co-founded Falcon Trail, a startup to make the process of moving goods easy and efficient. You can read about our story on this Product School guest post.

During my time at the university, I joined a small startup called Olapic as a Software Engineer. Over time, my role evolved and ended up creating a Data organization from the ground up as an Engineering Manager. Many of the Product Manager’s responsibilities were on my plate before fully transition to the role. I’ve been fortunate to be part of incredible growth in one of NYC’s largest tech exits.

In these fast-paced and multi-hat-wearing environments is where I thrive.

When I’m not doing the above, I build systems to become a better human being. I train my body and mind, from weightlifting and mobility routines to reading books, listening to podcasts/music, and practicing meditation. I’m also into the art of commonplacing and building a second brain using Roam.

If there’s one thing you should remember about me is that I can pick up anything and get the job done.

My Values